OnUp Water

A Change in Momentum

Remembering what it was like at the beginning of the month when we could be working together at the coffee shop

We entered March with momentum. Enjoying demo weekends at gyms and retailers, finalizing team members to join us for the summer, following-up on multiple sales leads, preparing to announce several new gym partnerships, talking to investors, planning for spring races, and getting ready for our next production run. 

Then the coronavirus hit. This is definitely not the March end of month blog post that we were expecting to be writing. We blinked and the world changed. Athletic events canceled. In-store demos halted. Stock market collapsed. Gyms closed. Retailers focused on keeping shelves stocked with basics rather than thinking about new items to bring in. We had to pinch ourselves a couple times...just to make sure it wasn’t all a bad dream. Nope, this is our new real life. It will be for at least another month. Plus, we’ll be dealing with the ripple effect of this virus for years to come. 

It would have been easy to just roll over and feel sorry for ourselves. But, that’s not what entrepreneurs do. Entrepreneurs pivot quickly. They re-think and re-challenge their previous assumptions. They adjust and keep going. So, that’s what we are doing. 

Instead of seeing us in-person at the gyms and stores, you’ll be seeing more of us online. Instead of getting free small samples, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to win an OnUp giveaway. Instead of adding OnUp to your physical cart, you can add it to your Shipt basket or online order. Like other small businesses, we are supporting existing partners while also finding new partners and new ways to connect with athletes. 

We’re also taking the time to reflect on what’s happening, knowing that we are living through history. Someday we can tell our grandkids what it was like to start-up a company during the Coronavirus of 2020. Overall, we are amazed and encouraged at the way that people are reacting. There is a sense of togetherness and genuine willingness to make sacrifices to help others. We know that these are uncertain and challenging times, and we are grateful for everything that everyone is doing to help keep others safe and healthy. 

Despite all the changes in March in both our personal and startup lives, we remain optimistic. We live in America and together we will get through this. We’ll never go back to exactly the same as before. We’ll come out stronger with a new appreciation for the things that are important in life and a fresh look at OnUp. 

In the meantime, please continue to do all you can to stay healthy. Keep your distance, wash your hands, exercise daily, stay hydrated, and get some good sleep. We’ve got this!