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A Month of Giveaways: Celebrating the Twin Cities Fitness Community

April is giveaway month

Just a few weeks ago, the phrases “social distancing”, “shelter in place”, and “self quarantined” were quite meaningless. It’s amazing how quickly things changed. While we are just a couple weeks into this, we have at least another month to go. We’ve decided to accept our new reality and control what we can control. We choose joy. We choose to celebrate. 

At OnUp, we have been inspired watching the Twin Cities fitness community respond to these uncertain and challenging times with kindness, determination, and togetherness. We’ve noticed several things that are worth celebrating. 

  • Health and Wellness: It’s impossible to go through the day without thinking about and being grateful for your health and the health of your loved ones. It is a true blessing and something that none of us will take for granted as much in the future as we have in the past. 
  • Love for the Outdoors: We love how this pandemic has brought more people outdoors earlier in the season than normal. Neighbors are chatting with neighbors and dancing in the streets (from a safe distance away). Minneapolis has closed roads to make it easier to social distance while enjoying a walk or run. 
  • Sharing: Gyms are lending out their equipment, sending their members home with weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, and more. And, some gyms are letting everyone share in the exercise fun by opening their online classes to anyone for free! 
  • Appreciation for New Motivations: How do you stay motivated when that race you’ve been training so hard for is canceled or postponed? It requires digging deep and believing that it’s still worth continuing on. 
  • Creative Solutions: Changing times requires a different approach. This virus has brought out the best from the creatives among us. Virtual races with driveway finish lines and homemade medals, at home competitions, and new ways of competing like guessing what your time was without looking at your watch. No weights? How about some laundry detergent instead? We’re sure there are some new trends being developed right now.
  • Strength of the Virtual Community: Even in this era of social distancing, we haven’t forgotten the importance of community. Gym members are coming together through virtual classes in their living rooms and garages. Classes even include virtual high fives. 
  • Trying New Things: We love our routines, but sometimes it’s good for our bodies and our minds to try new things. Can’t get in the pool? How about some resistance bands and a bike instead? Not allowed on the court? Maybe try pilates instead? Unsure what you’ll like? Lucky for you, you have tons of free online options to try out each day. 

At OnUp, we believe that exercise is an important part of your day that helps you be better at the rest of your day. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with a local gym or fitness organization every day in April for a giveaway to celebrate these achievements and encourage you to remain strong and motivated. Each day we’ll be highlighting a local fitness partner on our social media and giving away a week’s supply of OnUp Protein Water. In many cases, you’ll also have the chance to win something from the gym. 

We’re in this together! We all share a desire and commitment to helping people remain healthy physically and mentally through these times. Please join us in celebrating throughout April.