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A Successful Pivot

A Successful Pivot

As we come to the end of our first full month of COVID19 shelter in-place, we find ourselves reflecting back and being grateful for where we are. Yes, we definitely miss connecting with people and sharing our product in-person. And, like you, we miss the live interactions with our friends and family. However, we are thankful that we are healthy and our friends and family are healthy. And, we are thankful that we are part of such a fantastic local community.

The month was filled with many unknowns from both a personal and business perspective. At OnUp, we’ll look back on April 2020 as the month in which we pivoted to serve our customers in a different way and began to lay a solid foundation for whatever the “new normal” will look like. 

We didn’t let the challenge slow us down. Some of our key April highlights include:

  • Supporting the Community: We love how the Twin Cities fitness community has come together to support others during these unprecedented times. And we are grateful for our chance to sponsor, participate, and encourage others. We partnered with a different fitness organization every day in April for a giveaway. We were the Official Nutrition Sponsor for Sweat Minnesota, a sponsor for the Stronger Together Virtual 5K to raise money for United Way Twin Cities COVID relief efforts, and a participant in and supporter of the 500K Conversation Weekend to raise support for Touchstone Mental Health. 
  • New Connections within the Fitness Community: Through all of our activities and giveaways, we connected with hundreds of new partners, social media followers, and giveaway winners. We are so encouraged by their feedback and support. We love when people love OnUp! We’re all excited for when we can meet in-person!
  • McCloskey New Venture Business Competition: In November we were 1 of 184 teams to enter the Notre Dame New Venture Business Competition. We were proud to be one of 30 teams to advance to the Semi-Finals, which were held virtually in April. While weren’t one of the six teams to make it to the finals, we’re still grateful for the opportunity and are definitely in a better position due to participating in the competition. Can’t wait for more competitions to come. 
  • More Inventory: Thankfully COVID19 didn’t cause any challenges to our manufacturing or transportation network. We’ve restocked our warehouse (aka Ilene’s garage) and are ready to serve you. Each production run gets a little larger and we love seeing the growth!

Overall, the pandemic has forced us to think differently and try new things. This is one of the things about being entrepreneurs that we love. Try some new things, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and just keep going. We don’t have it all figured out yet, but we’re on a marathon journey and we’re building the foundation that we need to be successful long term. Thanks for being on this journey with us!