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Exercise is an important part of your day…especially now

Exercise is an important part of your day…especially now

At OnUp, we believe that exercise is an important part of your day that allows you to be better at the rest of your day. This is our fundamental belief and it remains as important (if not more important) during these crazy times.

It certainly has been a strange week. Being stuck inside and unable to do most of the things you were doing at this time last week is probably enough to make you go bonkers. And, the uncertainty of the future can be scary. We totally understand. None of us has ever experienced anything like this before and we’re all trying to make the best of it.

We’ve loved watching how the fitness community has risen to the occasion by posting online at-home workouts, allowing members to bring gym equipment home, and creating e-competitions to keep motivation strong. The virtual workouts and high fives are amazing! We’re also so glad to see people making the time to go outside for a walk or run. That time outdoors has been particularly beneficial for us each day.

We’ve also made some key changes at OnUp during this time. Throughout the year, we’ve been spending our weekends at retailers and gyms across the Twin Cities sampling product. We love being able to share our story and product with people in-person. It’s energizing for us and so important for others to actually experience the delicious OnUp taste. This is no longer possible. The health and wellbeing of our team, our partners, and their customers/members is our priority. Therefore, we suspended all our sampling activities last week, even before the mandatory gym closures went into effect. We miss connecting with you all!

We are still doing everything we can to help people stay healthy during this challenging time, including our Free Home Delivery in the Twin Cities. Shipping is also available to anywhere in the country. OnUp hydrates with protein and electrolytes so is a fantastic product to maintain health and help with recovery during this time.

We hope that you all remain safe and healthy. And, please do everything you can to help those around you as well, including all the healthcare professionals and those at higher risk. Research shows the benefits of exercise for both physical and mental health. Make sure that you are still making time to do something active, get your heart rate up, strengthen your muscles, and rejuvenate yourself. Exercise will help you be the best that you can for the important people and things in your life. We’re here for you. You got this!