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Introducing the OnUp Protein Calculator

Introducing the OnUp Protein Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much protein you need? We are so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Emily Niswanger, founder of Anywhere Nutrition, to launch the OnUp Protein Calculator.

The OnUp Protein Calculator is meant to help you know how much protein you should be striving for each day based on your anthropometric information and activity level. It provides a range based on changing the percentage of your daily calories that come from protein and also provides helpful tips on meeting your target levels so you can stay healthy and accomplish your fitness goals.

Emily is an integrative and functional nutrition registered dietitian with her masters in nutritional science. She is also the Nutrition Brand Ambassador for OnUp Protein Water. We’ll be partnering with Emily over the coming weeks to answer more of your nutrition questions, including how your protein needs change as you age, why a clean nutrition label is important, what a high quality protein is, and more.

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For more information on Emily, check out her website Anywherenutrition.com.