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January OnUp Expansions

January OnUp Expansions

2020 is off to a fantastic start! Momentum is rolling and we are excited about where we are going. Watch out because we are still dreaming big and working hard. 2020 is going to be awesome! Some highlights from January include:

Expanded Team: Zoe Rose Rauscher was born into the OnUp team on January 9th. She’s absolutely adorable and perfect. And, she’s definitely earned 5 stars as an incredible new team member. One of her most incredible achievements to date has been sleeping peacefully during Sunday afternoon working sessions. We’ve even been putting her to work and think that she’s enjoyed tagging along on OnUp product deliveries. 

Expanded Retail Presence: If you’ve been wondering where you can buy OnUp, we now have some perfect options for you! We’ve expanded our retail presence in the Twin Cities. On December 31, OnUp was available in one retail location. On January 31, OnUp is now available in 17 locations...all personally delivered by us in our cars. It might be time to buy a pick-up truck soon.

Our additional partners include Lakewinds, Fresh & Natural, and Kowalski’s. We are so grateful for the support these retailers show to local entrepreneurs and for their belief in our vision of bringing a refreshingly delicious protein water to the Twin Cities. Sometimes we still need to pinch ourselves to make sure it’s real when we go into a store and see a huge display of OnUp. Dreams do come true.

We’ve spent many hours sampling in their stores and are so encouraged by the feedback from consumers. They love it! Continue to look for us in the coming months and stop by on the weekends for free samples. 

Behind the Scenes: Even more work is going on behind the scenes to prepare us for a successful year. Getting our books in order, creating our marketing plans, finding people to help fill in our gaps, networking with others, preparing for investors, updating our website, working on our Notre Dame McCloskey business plan competition, and much more. Our 10 year old computers are definitely struggling to keep up with our pace!

Thanks again for all of your encouragement. We are going exciting places and would love your help spreading the word to your friends and family. Follow us on social media, buy OnUp at our local retail partners, and send us your suggestions.