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Joining Together to Change and Rebuild

Joining Together to Change and Rebuild

We love calling the Twin Cities our home. We are heartbroken and devastated by the death of George Floyd, the hurt and injustice in our city and across our nation, and the recent destruction of our cities. May we all come together to change and rebuild to something greater. 

We’ve taken time to step back, listen, and reflect on all the recent activities. We join with our community in proclaiming that black lives matter. We commit to doing a better job of understanding their perspectives, confronting injustice, and seeking full equality of opportunity. 

As a startup ourselves, we understand the hard work and passion behind small businesses. The U.S. is home to approximately 2.5MM black-owned businesses. Our hearts break for those black-owned businesses and other ethnically-owned businesses in the Twin Cities who have seen their dreams recently destroyed.

We will take immediate action by helping these local small businesses rebuild through donating resources and volunteering time.

  • We joined with Sweat Minnesota for a donation and fundraising drive to support NE Minneapolis, South Minneapolis, and the Midway St. Paul neighborhood.
  • We are donating 15% of OnUp sales this week to Better Together MPLS to support relief efforts. Better Together is a group of local, small businesses who have come together to raise up Lake Street’s small businesses, support families, and restore hope. Relief efforts are being led by Urban Ventures, a nonprofit anchored on Lake Street for 27 years.

We are encouraged and inspired by how the Twin Cities has risen to occasion to help. This sense of coming together and entrepreneurial spirit is why we are so happy to be a Minnesota company. 

We understand that this is not a short term journey. We commit to continuing to listen and to help break down the systems that hold people back. We believe that together we can rebuild to be better and stronger than before. At OnUp, we commit to doing our part.