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News: Mill City resident co-founds OnUp Protein Water by Kim Eslinger

News: Mill City resident co-founds OnUp Protein Water by Kim Eslinger

OnUp Protein Water was featured in the Mill City Times, the local news source covering the central riverfront neighborhoods of Minneapolis. 



Twin Cities startup OnUp Protein Water helps athletes recover from hot summer fitness activities with a refreshingly delicious protein and electrolyte water.

OnUp Protein Water, a women-owned Twin Cities startup, is focused on helping people stay healthy and refreshed in the summer heat.

“Our fundamental belief at OnUp is that exercise is an important part of your day that allows you to be better at the rest of your day," said Erin Hoekstra, co-founder of OnUp Protein Water and a resident of the Mill District. “Getting the right recovery is key, especially during the summer when you lose water and nutrients through sweat.”

“As athletes ourselves, we were seeking a beverage that had everything we wanted and nothing that we didn’t,” added Ilene Rauscher, co-founder of OnUp Protein Water. “We knew that we needed protein after a workout, but chugging a thick, chunky shake just isn’t refreshing. We also didn’t want something with piles of sugar in it. We couldn’t find anything that tasted delicious and had the nutrition profile we wanted, so we created our own.”

OnUp is the perfect recovery beverage for people, whether they are training for a virtual marathon, going for a walk, returning to the gym, working in the yard, or doing yoga in the park. OnUp is packed with 22g of whey protein, the right amount to trigger muscle repair. It also has sodium and potassium, the two electrolytes that we sweat out in the highest quantities, but are needed to help the body absorb and use the fluids that we drink. OnUp has 0g of sugar, nothing artificial, and is available in four refreshing fruit flavors.

OnUp is available at Kowalski’s, Lakewinds, Linden Hills Co-op, Fresh & Natural, Tim & Tom’s Speedy Mart, and lululemon Mall of America. It is also available at gyms throughout the Twin Cities and online with free home delivery in the Twin Cities and a money back guarantee.