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OnUp featured on Kare11 Women Crushing It Wednesday

OnUp featured on Kare11 Women Crushing It Wednesday

We were honored to be featured on Women Crushing It Wednesday on Kare11 Sunrise. Listen to full interview here.

MINNEAPOLIS — Erin Hoekstra and Ilene Rauscher both find exercise to be an important part of their routine. 

Erin is a marathoner and triathlete. Ilene also runs and does American Ninja Warrior training. The two have combined forces to create OnUp Protein Water - a protein recovery beverage. 

"Basically we kind of saw this protein water category starting to emerge and we thought it was really interesting, but even within that there was nothing that we enjoyed so we really set out to do it on our own," Ilene says. 

"Having a recovery – a solid recovery – is so key because you need to go on and do everything else. It’s not just about running faster or lifting more. It’s about being the best version of yourself for the people and the things that are important in your life," says Erin. 

You can find OnUp Protein Water in a number of Twin Cities store and gyms. You can also purchase it on their website