OnUp Water

Store Closing

Store Closing

A little over 2 years ago, we started out on a journey to provide people with a refreshingly delicious protein beverage. We immediately received positive feedback, reinforcing our belief that OnUp was a fantastic product that met the needs of people like you. We were sampling at races, events, gyms, and stores. Everywhere we went in the Twin Cities, people were amazed that protein could taste so great.

And then this thing called the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We pivoted and found alternative ways to connect with people. But, as you all have experienced yourself, the world has not returned to what it was when we originally launched and we were faced with a difficult decision.

After serious consideration and difficult conversations, we have decided to close OnUp Protein Water. As we’ve been preparing to produce more OnUp, it’s become clear that costs and challenges are increasing for small start-ups like us. Our inability to execute our strategy and maintain our momentum during the Minnesota COVID-19 shutdowns, our current increasing business costs, and some personal life changes during the pandemic have all significantly impacted our ability to reach the next step of our journey.

We have many people to thank for being on this journey with us. Thank you for supporting us, thank you for purchasing OnUp, thank you for believing in us, and thank you for helping to spread the word over the last two years.

We understand that many of you will be disappointed, asking the same question that we’ve asked ourselves, “What am I going to drink after my workouts now?”. We know that OnUp was the right product. Unfortunately, it was terrible timing to launch a business that required connecting in-person with people at athletic events, gyms, and local retailers. 

Thank you again for your support. We are proud of the work that we accomplished even though it hasn’t ended the way we were hoping. We built a business out of an idea. We helped people get the protein they needed during the pandemic. We’re trying to focus on the positives despite our disappointments.

We are also proud of the people that we worked with along the way. We met so many amazing people. Covid-19 hit the fitness industry hard with gyms forced to close and many races canceled for two seasons in a row. We know that we aren’t the only ones struggling to make it through and we are wishing the best to everyone in the Twin Cities fitness community.

OnUp will continue to sell product as long as it is available. All “Out of Stocks” online are final.