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The Beginning of an Entrepreneurial Journey

The Beginning of an Entrepreneurial Journey

Imagine that you’ve just finished a challenging workout--a training run, a long bike ride, a Crossfit, or Orange theory class. You’re totally exhausted and will likely be sore tomorrow. But, you need to get on with your day because your friends, family, and colleagues are depending on you. You know that protein is key to a solid recovery, but you don’t like your options. Protein Bar: Too heavy and not refreshing. Protein Powders: Thick, chalky, and chunky. Muscle Milk: 160 calories and it doesn’t even include milk. Gatorade: A lot lof sugar, but no protein. So, disappointed, you resort to water. 

As athletes ourselves, we experienced this challenge on many occasions. Erin is a tennis player, marathon runner, and half ironwoman. Ilene is a gymnast, half marathoner, and ninja. We love working out, but we found that we don’t recover as quickly as we used to. The joys of aging! We knew the whey protein benefits and that we should be consuming it within 30 minutes post exercise, but we weren’t acting on it because all of our options were so unappealing. 

Entrepreneurship requires solving an unmet consumer need. As we started to learn more about protein nutrition, its role in fitness recovery and performance, and our increased need for it as we age, the market gap began to emerge. We quickly realized we weren’t alone in our challenge. There must be a better way for us non-protein consuming athletes to enjoy getting the recovery we require.

So, we decided to reimagine protein. The idea for OnUp Protein Water was born.

We created something that until recently was nearly impossible, and it has everything we want and nothing that we don’t. We envision a world in which delicious protein water is a part of all fitness activities. It is going to be a long journey, but we believe that we can do it better than anyone else. Cheers to the start of our entrepreneurial journey!

- By Erin and Ilene