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Early Trials & Tribulations

Early Trials & Tribulations

Unlike Erin, I have always had somewhat of the entrepreneurial bug nagging in the back of my mind. I had seen my father build a very successful company from the ground up, my brother recently strike out on his own, my father-in-law launch a new business after he had ‘retired’, and more. I’ve always known I wanted to give it a try but was waiting for the right idea, the right opportunity. Like Erin, I have been an athlete all my life – competitive gymnastics, volleyball, half marathons, and most recently Ninja obstacle training. A refreshing recovery was always something I’d longed for and seemed to be non-existent in the market – I knew others had to be thinking the same thing! That’s why I decided to place my time, money, and energy into bringing OnUp Protein Water to athletes everywhere.

We’ve been quiet on our blog for several months so I’d like to share why and what we’ve been up to. As Erin so wisely foresaw back in July, building a business would not be all glamour. No, the last several months have been full of long days sharing our product and story with athletes, making connections with the local start-up community, building our back-end systems, identifying professional service partners to support us into our next phase of growth, and dealing with all the intricacies that come with working with vendors and co-manufacturers to get HIGH QUALITY product to our doorstep in a TIMELY fashion. As a result of some inevitable delays we were actually sold out of product for the last two weeks in October – we’re so excited to see the passion for our product though apologize for the disruption. We just hit an energizing milestone of our second production run. As of yesterday we are back in business with a warehouse (*cough* garage) full of product! #startuplife

As is the case with many entrepreneurs I am juggling a lot: a full-time job, a loving husband, an amazing almost TWO year old, and a baby on the way. It’s been so important to set realistic expectations for myself during this time and maybe not put binding timelines on things when I ordinarily would. If I forget to pay the trash bill and our 18 bags of leaves remain at the curb for another two weeks, so be it. We’ll continue to take our growth one step at a time and go onward and upward together!

- By Ilene