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Why Electrolytes?

Why Electrolytes?

We all know that we sweat electrolytes out during a hot workout and we need to replenish them. But why?

Let’s first start with what electrolytes are. They are electrically charged minerals that help the body absorb and use the fluids that we drink. Sodium and potassium are two of the electrolytes that we sweat out in the highest quantities.

Sodium influences fluid regulation and is important to cell signaling. Ordinarily we get enough salt in our diet to do this important job. But when we are sweating heavily with a tough workout we need to replenish these stores. Potassium teams up with sodium to balance fluids, cell activity and blood pressure. 

If we don’t replenish electrolyte stores appropriately, our bodies won’t function optimally. We will start to experience dehydration, headaches, and fatigue. Studies by Abbott have shown that we begin to experience these effects by losing as little as 2% of body weight via fluid loss during a workout. Replenishing those lost fluids and electrolytes quickly is imperative. Read more about Abbott’s really interesting Sweat Test here

This is why sports drinks are full of electrolytes. But they are often also full of sugar. Do we need to take the bad to get the good? No!

Since at OnUp we believe that exercise is an important part of the day that helps us be better at the rest of our day, we felt it was vital to include these key electrolytes in our protein water. We also felt it necessary to do so without the addition of piles of sugar that is found in most sports beverages. So grab a nice refreshing OnUp and rehydrate, replenish, and repair to go onward and upward to a better wellbeing. 


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